Underwriting Bulletins

TitleDescriptionVersionSizeHitsDate addedDownload
Century CA Additional Perils Wrap Announcement 267.37 KB4212-03-2020 DownloadPreview
2021 Century MLK Day Message 94.12 KB1301-14-2021 DownloadPreview
CIG Website Announcement Agent Resources 293.44 KB1801-19-2021 DownloadPreview
CIG Team Up with COLE! 312.01 KB502-04-2021 DownloadPreview
CIG Excess-Umbrella Division Update 8-2020 266.03 KB13108-04-2020 DownloadPreview
Motor Truck Cargo October 2020 292.24 KB4310-22-2020 DownloadPreview
Century Insurance Policy Encryption 216.80 KB3310-29-2020 DownloadPreview
CIG Announces New UW Team Lead 302.78 KB11007-28-2020 DownloadPreview
CIG Summertime COLE Reminder 7-2020 241.18 KB9807-23-2020 DownloadPreview
CIG Ocean Marine Depart Update 7-2020 353.61 KB10307-15-2020 DownloadPreview
CIG July 4th 2020 246.72 KB10407-02-2020 DownloadPreview
CIG COLE INTRODUCTION 6-2020 888.80 KB14206-24-2020 DownloadPreview
CIG Market Update 6-11-2020 154.12 KB12406-11-2020 DownloadPreview
CIG NY NJ Casualty Changes - 6-2020 155.84 KB11006-11-2020 DownloadPreview
CIG COL Rating Screen Enhancement 3-2020 188.04 KB24204-02-2020 DownloadPreview
CIG FL Wind Changes Zone 1 3-2020 179.96 KB15904-02-2020 DownloadPreview
CIG Appetite Change - CA Tree Trimming 3-2020 111.21 KB17404-02-2020 DownloadPreview
CIG-AM-Best-A-Rating-Announcement 94.56 KB29812-16-2019 DownloadPreview
CIG-Garage-Loss-Free-Credits-11-2019 227.48 KB21412-16-2019 DownloadPreview
CIG-Florida-Coastal-Wind-Improvements-10-2019 184.31 KB22112-16-2019 DownloadPreview
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